5 not so Creative Questions for Creative People

5 Not so Creative Questions for Creative People Directory

As a creator, whenever I am in the presence of other creatives I always find myself digging into my bag of go to questions. What do you do? What are you working on? How do you do it? What are you into right now?… etc.

Now with the internet I don’t have to randomly stumble upon these awesome people at get togethers, meet ups, and conferences. Instead I can scour social media and pick from people I am genuinely interested in, from all corners of the globe. If I am going to do that then I might as well share my findings¬†with everyone. This kind of short form questionnaire is a great quick look into the lives of other creative people and allows for repeat visits.

Directory of Interviews

Nate Bear – Designer and Illustrator

Logan Schmitt – Designer and Illustrator

Aaron Sechrist aka OKPANTS РDesign and Illustrator 

Jonathan Ball – Typography Wizard

Dave Atze – Australian Illustration Stallion.

JP Boneyard – National Poster Retrospecticus / 59 Parks

Ronlewhorn Industries – Print and Poster Maker