5 Not so Creative Questions with Designer and Illustrator Aaron Sechrist aka OKPants

5 not so Creative Questions with Aaron Sechrist AKA OKPANTS

For those who don’t know you. Who the hell are you?

My name is Aaron Sechrist. I run a graphic art studio under the moniker OkPants. I lift weights.

What are you working on?
I’m currently prepping to launch my first custom font for sale that I designed at http://www.retrosupply.co/ – I’m very excited about it, it’s a different experience for me.

The week-to-week routine workload, if there is such a thing for me; consists of client commissions such as logos, apparel designs, packaging solutions and general miscellaneous branding needs that arise. I also sell my own designed wares under the banners of Made By Superior and OkPants. T-shirts, et cetera to express ideas I have that can’t find their way into client work. Also, you know; money.

Aaron Sechrist Ok Pants Patton Oswalt Poster

What’s a tip you’d give to people? Something you’ve picked up along the way.

Come at the universe around you and inside of you with curiosity, not fear. Also don’t be a crybaby. That’s how shit gets special.

What are you into. Or something that recently inspired you? (Doesn’t have to be illustration or design related)

I try to mine a lot of inspiration from anything and everything I come across but I would say stand-up comedy is my muse. I work with a lot of comedians and find their paths and attitudes generally align with how I navigate my way through my business. Successful comedians, some that I’m lucky enough to be friends with are the most intensely self-sufficient, relentless, DIY-to-the-core artists there are.

Aaron Sechrist OKPants Wyatt Cenac Poster

What show would you bring back from your childhood?

Ren & Stimpy. I feel like that show could have gone on for decades like South Park & Simpsons. It was the weirdest show ever. Either that or Liquid Television.

If you want to learn more about Aaron Sechrist and is amaze balls illustration styles check him out all over the web:

@okpants on instagram, twitter, periscope, snapchat and dribbble. Main portfolio at okpants.com. Thanks for giving it a look.

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