Master of One T-Shirt and Speed Drawing


I originally stumbled upon the Master of One Podcast while combing through Andrew Kolb’s (An extremely talented illustrator) social feed. I noticed he was a guest on a recent episode of the show. I listened to that episode and said to myself “Hey these guys are having a good time and promoting all the things I am very much interested in.” Since then I have listened to almost every episode, I even got to be a guest on one of those episodes (Mof1 Podcast Episode 77 – Canada’s Greatest Import). Then when Andrew Sale (One of the show’s hosts) approached me with the idea of doing a collaboration T-shirt for there trip out to Creative South I couldn’t help but say yes.

Master of One Podcast T-SHirt Collaboration Graphic

Hope you guys dig the design and if you are heading down to Georgia for Creative South, pick one up!

Kinda Funny speed drawing process.


As a person who works from home a few days a week I find myself in need of some sort of companion. Whether that companion comes in the form of a podcast, audiobook or youtube series. The addition of white noise or people talking in my ear as I work makes the days breeze by. This speed drawing video is me putting my spin on the Kinda Funny youtube series logo/typography.

Kinda Funny follows a group of friends who sit around a table talking about video game news, movies and other pop culture related events. It’s a great listen as you plow through a mountain of work while they go on rambling about the finer details of superhero lore. Feeling very much like you are just sitting around the table with them eavesdropping in on a group of your peers.

I hope you enjoy this installment of my speed drawing series.

5 Not so Creative Questions with JP Boneyard of the National Poster Retrospecticus

jetpacks and rollerskates and the national poster retro specticus

I originally met JP at the creative conference WMC Fest 2014. I was wondering aimlessly around the event space when I noticed a group of people heading to the second floor of the building. Curiously, my friends and I followed the group. When we arrived up stairs I couldn’t help but be completely taken back. The walls of this space we lined with posters of every artist I had ever followed in the gig poster scene. “What was this magic?!” I asked myself.

Upon further investigation I meet two of the nicest gents, JP and his well dressed sidekick Brian. They informed me of the poster installment insanely titled the NPR (National Poster Retrospecitcus) and how they’re essentially travelling circus people for the arts. I dug the story, the cause and the crew.

JP and I have crossed past a few times since. I even got to be apart of the NPR show when he dragged it up north to Toronto to be apart of the North by Northeast Festival in 2015. Since then I have been following the NPR as well as JP and his antics non-stop. He’s a great guy and I am super excited to his new project as it takes shape over the next few months.

Enjoy this edition of “5 not so creative questions” with the nomadic poster slinger, JP Boneyard.

For those who don’t know you. Who the hell are you?

Hi! My name is JP. Some people know me as JP Boneyard. I’m originally from Massachusetts but I’m currently based out of Austin, Texas. I got my start doing creative work through setting up DIY music events in high school. I’ve helped put together over 300 art and music events around North America since 1998 and I’m still at it! Eventually this effort led to my career in graphic design, web development, designing mobile apps and producing events.

National Poster Retrospecticus

What do you do? OR what are you working on?

I currently produce a traveling art show called The National Poster Retrospecticus. The show features the work of over 150 amazing poster artists from all over North America. We typically hang 100-400 hand printed gig posters and art prints for one-night-only shows. In addition to The NPR I produce a poster series called The Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series. This series celebrates the US National Parks and screen printing. Over the next year or so we’ll be teaming up with even more amazing artists to produce posters for each of the National Parks! I’m really stoked on this new project!

fifty nine parks debut posters

What’s a tip you’d give to people? Something you’ve picked up along the way.

In my 16 years of putting on events and doing design work I’ve found that things typically work out if you’re honest, work hard, and have faith in the process. It’s a challenge to keep all three of these balanced. Sometimes we betray ourselves and aren’t honest with what we’d really like to be doing or how we feel. Sometimes burnout happens or other distractions keep us from our work. Sometimes it’s easier to settle on being pessimistic because it takes effort to make positive things happen. I’ve found that striking a balance and being mindful of these three areas makes all of the difference in life and in work.

wall of posters the NPR

What are you into. Or something that recently inspired you?

I’m totally into basketball. I was born in Springfield, MA, birthplace of basketball but I didn’t catch the bug until 2011. I never played or watched a game in my life until that point. My roommates in college always insisted that I worked too much and needed to take a break. On occasion I’d take their advice and hang out with them while they were watching Celtics games. I became totally intrigued by the personalities, the team histories, the rivalries, and the poetry of the game. What I love most about basketball is the fact that it’s truly a team sport. Five players on the court perform best when they operate as five fingers on the same hand. I love that mentality outside of the sport too. Things are better with friends and when people work together. I feel my best work is often done with the input, support, or enthusiasm of those close to me. I’ll go all day about basketball so I’ll just leave it at that for now!

NPR illustration

You’ve travelled around the country a bunch. You don’t have to go into much detail but what is one of the craziest things you’ve seen?

The craziest thing I’ve seen? Out running a tornado one Summer. I was on an epic two week trip drive around the US. A storm came suddenly while getting a bite to eat somewhere in Wyoming. Everyone on the news was freaking out about multiple tornados were passing through the area I was in (small town, population fewer than 900 people). Fortunately the weather was heading East just like myself which meant we’d only cross paths if I stayed put or was heading West. I chirped out of the restaurant parking lot and did about 95mph for over an hour in some crazy weather. Some real doomsday looking stuff stayed in my rearview mirror that whole time. Fortunately I was in the middle of nowhere and not many other cars were on the road. I just drove straight East forever. That was the first time I’d heard all of Willie Nelson’s “Red Headed Stranger”, too. That ride was nuts.




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5 Not So Creative Questions with Chris and Joel of Half Hazard Press

5 not so creative questions with Half Hazard Press

I’ve been a fan of these guys for sometime now. I met Chris, one half of the scoundrel duo that is Half Hazard Press at WMC Fest 2015. We chatted for a few hours over our love for the craft of silk screen and everything design/illustration. Since that day I creatively crushed on these guys hard.

Everytime I see something new drop from these guys so does my jaw at how much focus and attention to detail they consistently put into each piece. I will continue to follow Half Hazards creative journey and I suggest anyone that come across this post does the same.

Enjoy this edition of “5 not so creative questions” with the midwest scoundrels know as Half Hazard Press.

For those who don’t know you. Who the hell are you?

We’re the terror that quacks in the night, we’re the bubblegum under your shoe…. you know the usual. Depending on who you ask in our little corner of rural Central IL, we’re either those young guys that make posters or those lovable assholes that can’t stop talking about the band’s merch design faults during a concert. Personally, I’m the kind of guy that hates himself for making a Darkwing Duck reference in response to a blog.

half-hazard press summer camp

What do you do? OR what are you working on?

Half Hazard Press is a design & illustration studio that focuses on screen printed materials as the end product. We’re a brand that tries not to take ourselves too seriously with the exception of putting out the best quality of work we can. We’re probably most known for our gig posters in the Jam-band and Bluegrass tour circuit. But right now? Like right now right now? I’m trying to make a Janet Jackson poster look cool, so yeah. We’re working on a few other secret things that would extend our brand out beyond silkscreen posters and art prints.


What’s a tip you’d give to people? Something you’ve picked up along the way.

Always reward a successful poster printing session with a Taco Bell run. Also, allow yourself room to make mistakes and get things figured out. Getting consistently better is the rewarding part. It’s easy to look at all the overwhelmingly epic work out there and then freeze up when you open a new file. You can take away from anything and put it into your approach to the work.


What are you into. Or something that recently inspired you? (Doesn’t have to be illustration or design related

I’ve really been into Rich Kelly’s stuff lately. Otherwise, movies regularly refill my creative idea bank. It’s such a visual medium that I find myself designing a poster in my head for whatever I’m watching. It’s normally very grandiose and beyond my expertise but it helps prime my brain when it’s time to sketch out a concept based off a band’s music and such. Game of Thrones has been my latest trap.


Who wears the pants in the relationship at Half Hazard? Or do you both just neglect to wear pants at work?

One of the perks of owning your own business is pants are always optional. From my perspective Joel wears them. If it wasn’t for his developing skill set I don’t think we would even get any notice for illustration and design. I learn a lot from him and he keeps me reeled in when I’m in fantasy mode and plotting to take over the world.

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See Half Hazard at work:

Some most excellent process videos

Buy Half Hazards Stuff:


5 Not So Creative Questions with Dave Atze

5 not so creative questions with dave atze

I found Dave randomly one day. He was known as the Australian stallion (self proclaimed), An instagram LEGEND!… His style cannot be ignored. Simple but playful and overlayed by such vibrant digital painting skills. I dare you NOT to fall in love with his characters.

Enjoy this edition of “5 not so creative questions” with Dave Atze. PS – All the “australian stallion” stuff is just a joke but completely true in my heart 😉 …

For those who don’t know you. Who the hell are you?

Hey I’m Dave, 30 year old Illustrator from South Australia. I love TMNT, Marvel, Transformers and eating Mexican food. I have been in the illustration industry for 5 years,and regularly attend comic cons (none international yet)

dave atze fairy land

What do you do? OR what are you working on?

I do children’s book Illustration, comics, character design, branding, tutorials, commissions and anything in between.

I am currently working on a children’s book with writer Matt Nicholls, Some Character profiles for the Australian comic book series XCT- xtreme champion tournament and some Illustrations for magazines and publications.

On the personal front, this year I hope to release an artbook and an original comic.

dave atze dragonball

What’s a tip you’d give to people? Something you’ve picked up along the way.

Continue to learn, new styles, new techniques, new media. watch tutorials of your fave artists and draw every day. These few things will help you in the right direction.

dave atze bunny

What are you into. Or something that recently inspired you? (Doesn’t have to be illustration or design related

Having a desk job during the week means you stack on the weight 🙂 So I have been getting into out door activities lately. I go for a daily walk with my wife and our dog, Then I run 5kms on Saturday mornings.

Things that inspire me are cartoons, comics and other artists (amateur and pro) Instagram is such an amazing place to meet and interact with other artists, I highly recommend it for inspiration!

dave atze illustration storm trooper

If you could mash-up any two pop culture properties. What might they be? (And why)

I freakin love doing Mash-ups!! One I havent done yet that Id love to see is Venom and Pikachu. I love the idea of something so cute and cuddly being able to rip your head off 🙂

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See Dave Work:

I have tutorials on my youtube channel or just search daveatze

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Prints and Originals at:
I have teez available at:

Slap! Sticker process video. Insight into what I do.


I was in the office the other day developing some icons for a client and from behind me I could hear a couple of my co-workers say “I like watching Blake work.” Out of context this could sound super creepy but it came from a very honest place.

Traditionally I hate when people look over my shoulder while I work but when they ask questions about how I do things, it then becomes a much different experience. Genuine interest in how another co-worker does their job is such a valuable practice. It allows for a mutual understanding of the work that goes into something and develops insight into that person’s field. This can help the observing parties to speak more confidently when collaborating in the future.

Long story short. Not long after the discovery by my peers I decided that I should create some process videos. It’s really no skin off my back to just record the screen from time to time when I am booting up a project.

This first video was a collaboration with the monthly sticker club called Slap! Stickers ( They approached me mid to late last year to see if I would be interested in developing a sticker for the club. Just looking at the amazing list of designers involved (Aaron Draplin, Rogie King, Amy Hood, Nick Slater, Justin Mezzell, Mike Jones, Meg Robichaud and more) I couldn’t say no.

With this project I would also like to support all the other facets of art that go into making a video like this pop. That is why I asked my buddies in the band GLORY GLORY if I could drop their amazing track Where the People Are into the video.

Enjoy the video and expect a few more of these coming down the pipe.

5 Not so Creative Questions with Typography Wizard Jonathan Ball

5 not so creative questions with jonathan ball


I don’t usually do intros for these things but I feel that it was necessary for Mr. Jonathan Ball. To be honest maybe I should be doing this for all my guests because I feel very similarly about them all.

I found Jon (I hope he’s ok with me calling him Jon) while being a total creeper on Instagram. Worming my way from one designer’s profile to another. Until I was stopped dead in my tracks on his. Then saying to myself “What a shit head!” This was out of complete love and jealousy for his craft. His style, colour selection and use of shapes is a force to be reckoned with. That combined with his knack for setting up a shot makes him Instragram gold. I hope you all enjoy these short but fun set of questions with Jonathan Ball and be sure to check out his instagram feed.

For those who don’t know you. Who the hell are you?

My name is Jonathan Ball. I’m a typographic designer and letterer based in sunny Seattle, Washington. I went to school for graphic design and left with an obsession for all things that involve letters.

Cocktail typography - Jonathan Bell

What are you working on?

I create custom, illustrative lettering for everything from apparel to brand logos. I strive to tell stories with letterforms and type. I believe that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a picture of words is invaluable. Mostly because the math is impossible to do.

Manhattan Typography - Jonathan Bell

What’s a tip you’d give to people? Something you’ve picked up along the way.

Be nice to everyone, but be skeptical of everything. Question the status quo!

Spell on you Typography - Jonathan Bell

What are you into. Or something that recently inspired you? (Doesn’t have to be illustration or design related)

I love to make things. Just about everything in fact. I’ve dabbled in many forms of making, but most recently electronics and programming. I also enjoy web design (as a hobby). It’s incredibly challenging, but also very rewarding to create something interactive and dynamic as opposed to static and absolute.

spooky typography - jonathan bell

Disney or Nickelodeon?

As much as I love the ever ­growing mountain of properties (both physical and intellectual) that Disney owns, for me it’s Nickelodeon. Being a 90’s kid, there’s a special place in my heart for Nicktoons like Rocko’s Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy, and of course Spongebob. Nickelodeon was always a little crazier, but somehow managed to teach me everything I needed to know growing up—crude, “Modern Life” lessons that Disney just ignored. However, I haven’t watched Nickelodeon in years though so it could be shit now for all I know. I guess my answer is either old Nick or the new Disney brigade.


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5 Not so Creative Questions with Designer and Illustrator Aaron Sechrist aka OKPants

5 not so Creative Questions with Aaron Sechrist AKA OKPANTS

For those who don’t know you. Who the hell are you?

My name is Aaron Sechrist. I run a graphic art studio under the moniker OkPants. I lift weights.

What are you working on?
I’m currently prepping to launch my first custom font for sale that I designed at – I’m very excited about it, it’s a different experience for me.

The week-to-week routine workload, if there is such a thing for me; consists of client commissions such as logos, apparel designs, packaging solutions and general miscellaneous branding needs that arise. I also sell my own designed wares under the banners of Made By Superior and OkPants. T-shirts, et cetera to express ideas I have that can’t find their way into client work. Also, you know; money.

Aaron Sechrist Ok Pants Patton Oswalt Poster

What’s a tip you’d give to people? Something you’ve picked up along the way.

Come at the universe around you and inside of you with curiosity, not fear. Also don’t be a crybaby. That’s how shit gets special.

What are you into. Or something that recently inspired you? (Doesn’t have to be illustration or design related)

I try to mine a lot of inspiration from anything and everything I come across but I would say stand-up comedy is my muse. I work with a lot of comedians and find their paths and attitudes generally align with how I navigate my way through my business. Successful comedians, some that I’m lucky enough to be friends with are the most intensely self-sufficient, relentless, DIY-to-the-core artists there are.

Aaron Sechrist OKPants Wyatt Cenac Poster

What show would you bring back from your childhood?

Ren & Stimpy. I feel like that show could have gone on for decades like South Park & Simpsons. It was the weirdest show ever. Either that or Liquid Television.

If you want to learn more about Aaron Sechrist and is amaze balls illustration styles check him out all over the web:

@okpants on instagram, twitter, periscope, snapchat and dribbble. Main portfolio at Thanks for giving it a look.

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5 Not so Creative Questions with Designer and Illustrator Logan Schmitt


For those who don’t know you. Who the hell are you?

I’m just a poor boy from West Virginia who moved to the big ol’ city of Columbus, Ohio with a suitcase full of dreams, doodles, and squeegees.

What do you do?

I’m an illustrator and screen printer. I make posters for bands, design t-shirts, and sling my work at craft shows. I draw lots of pictures of animals, bones, creeps, and flowers…usually with the Dark Crystal playing in the background.

Logan Schmitt deer head illustration

What’s a tip you’d give to people? Something you’ve picked up along the way.

No one is going to do it for you. If you want to do something go DO it. It’s easy to think that things will come to you or someone will tell you you’re ready, especially if you’re going to art school or something like that. Just put in the work and go get it!

What are you into. Or something that recently inspired you?

Well, Halloween just happened so all that fantastic storytelling and imagery is just swirling around in my head. Few things will instantly inspire me as much as a creepy old folk tale or ghost story.

Logan Schmitt bear head illustration

Pancakes or waffles?

I’m going to have to go with waffles. Not restaurant-style or Belgian-style though (although I’m very Belgian, myself). Just give me a box of store-bought Eggos, an unhealthy amount of butter, and a jug o’ syrup.

If you want to learn more about Logan Schmitt and is stellar illustration styles check him out all over the web:




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5 Not so Creative Questions with Designer and Illustrator Nate Bear

5 Not So Creative Questions with Illustrator Nate Bear

For those who don’t know you. Who the hell are you?

What? You don’t know me? You better get educated. I’m the guy that does the stuff. You know?  Here,

What do you do?

Right now i’m working on a sketch for a client that’s a day later than I said i would because last night i was so tired i passed out at 9pm because i stayed up to 3am the previous 2 nights working on a gallery piece that wasn’t really doing it for me so i scrapped it and made a new piece at the last minute. Also listening to the Creative Pep Talk Podcast. And the host, Andy J. Miller, just asked the guest the exact same question, “What do you do?” and she has a much more impressive resume than me that included Target and other such household names.

What’s a tip you’d give to people? Something you’ve picked up along the way.

There is almost no way you can spend too much on brush pens. I just bought like a dozen new pens for less than the cost of my last Seamless order.

Also, don’t forget your brand identity. Don’t even trim your toenails without thinking whether it follows your brand’s core story.

What are you into. Or something that recently inspired you? (Doesn’t have to be illustration or design related)

I have to say go check out my Pinterest. It’s pretty killer right now. I mean I have like 80 different boards, so not exactly curated. But, there’s lots of cool crap out there that totally inspired me and changed my life, that I’ve already forgotten because my brain can only hold so much. But, I can totally just look at it all over again.

Anyway, the newest board I just added is Product Photography ideas. Like how to photograph your prints so they look all charming so that potential customers can more easily imagine them in the idealized version of their reading nook.

What was your favourite childhood toy?

This stuffed dragon my mom bought at the supermarket. I called him Snuggly.

If you want to learn more about Nate Bear and is stellar illustration styles check him out all over the web:





Pinterest: (since i mentioned it.)


After Nate answered my questions he sent a quick follow up email saying:

Fair warning: I’m really good at making lots of typos in text interview that somehow seam to end up in the final post. Just saying…

haha LOVE IT!… No worries Nate. This is very much an easy going quick convo. I wouldn’t correct you in person, so why would I do it here? I am easily worse than you. Look forward to chatting with you in the near future.

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