Slap! Sticker process video. Insight into what I do.


I was in the office the other day developing some icons for a client and from behind me I could hear a couple of my co-workers say “I like watching Blake work.” Out of context this could sound super creepy but it came from a very honest place.

Traditionally I hate when people look over my shoulder while I work but when they ask questions about how I do things, it then becomes a much different experience. Genuine interest in how another co-worker does their job is such a valuable practice. It allows for a mutual understanding of the work that goes into something and develops insight into that person’s field. This can help the observing parties to speak more confidently when collaborating in the future.

Long story short. Not long after the discovery by my peers I decided that I should create some process videos. It’s really no skin off my back to just record the screen from time to time when I am booting up a project.

This first video was a collaboration with the monthly sticker club called Slap! Stickers ( They approached me mid to late last year to see if I would be interested in developing a sticker for the club. Just looking at the amazing list of designers involved (Aaron Draplin, Rogie King, Amy Hood, Nick Slater, Justin Mezzell, Mike Jones, Meg Robichaud and more) I couldn’t say no.

With this project I would also like to support all the other facets of art that go into making a video like this pop. That is why I asked my buddies in the band GLORY GLORY if I could drop their amazing track Where the People Are into the video.

Enjoy the video and expect a few more of these coming down the pipe.