The uncreative part of being a creative with the Master of One Podcast.

blake stevenson aka jetpacks and rollerskates illustrator podcast interview on master of one podcast

Got back in the hot seat with the Master of One podcast crew this week. If you don’t know what that is you must be living under a rock somewhere!? Just joking, It’s a great show that airs a few times a week and talks with creatives about the what they are working on, releasing and just general shop talk.

We rambled on about all sorts of goodies like getting your online store up and going, social media marketing, different sales channels, how to work with in constraints and so much more. Always a good time time with these guys!

Here is the episode I was on:

Checkout Episode 56 of the Master of One Podcast with Blake Stevenson aka Jetpacks and Rollerskates.

Fantastic Mr. Fox Adobe Illustrator Speed Drawing.

Recording another speed drawing session. Once again for the monthly sticker club, Slaptastick. This months theme was fictional characters from books. My illustration was based on on of my favourite children’s books of all time Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl.

Fantastic Mr. Fox vector illustration by jetpacks and rollerskates

This illustration shows a way to design more symmetrical characters. By working on a single side, flipping it and then adding subtle modifications so it doesn’t look like an exact copy. In my opinion it’s all the little details that gives an illustration character and sets it apart, especially if you are working in a clean vector style.

I hope you enjoy the video and I would love it if you subscribed to my channel.

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Ghosts in the Groove time lapse process video. Illustrating with Photoshop and a Wacom Cintiq.

Another process video for you guys. This is for a piece I call ‘Ghosts in the Groove.’ This was created using my 12″ Wacom Cintiq (older model) tablet. With this illustration I was trying to mimic the overprinting process when doing silkscreen. To do this I chose 2 colours and used the multiply effect in Photoshop. When taking this to press always take Photoshop’s multiply effect a grain of salt. 9 times out of 10 it will not be exactly what you see on screen. It’s a constant trial and error process until you get the results you’re looking for.

In future videos I will show some of the other techniques I have used to mimic the silkscreen process. Until then stay tuned and thanks for checking out my speed drawing process video.

Deadpool vectorization process video

Back at you guys with another process video. This time I am doing everyone’s favorite foul mouthed superhero; Deadpool. This process video goes from sketch to final vector to show you how I do what I do. This one is a bit different than some of my other videos cause you can see how I do a symmetrical vector illustration.

Here is a better look at the final piece. I ended up with 2 different versions of this. I couldn’t decided if I liked the softer red outline or the more solid black outline to make it stand out better.

deadpool vector illustration by blake stevenson aka jetoacks and rollerskates.

Slap Stickers Alternative Logo Process Video

A few months back I was asked by Slap Stickers to do a fun reimagining of the brand. After some discussion we decided to go with a handmade script lettering approach. Whenever I get the opportunity to do some custom scripts I cannot refuse. It’s one of those design muscles that can never be flexed enough; in my opinion.

Here is a my speed drawing/process video for the project. You can see how I take the sketch all the way to final vectorization on my Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet.

Here is a better look at the final piece.

slap stickers typography logo design by blake stevenson aka Jetpacks and Rollerskates

Weapons of Mass Creation festival shirt design and process video.

I have attended the Weapons of Mass Creation Festival for the past 3 years. It’s an event like no other. The people, speakers, and vendors compliment each other and create something very special. Last year I was asked to do an alternative art print for the festival. and this year I was so excited when they asked me to do a shirt design. Giving back to this creative event that has given so much to me is a no brainer. Here are a few of the artifacts that came out of this.

Process Video:

Shirt Design:weapons of mass creation blake stevenson tshirt design

Master of One T-Shirt and Speed Drawing


I originally stumbled upon the Master of One Podcast while combing through Andrew Kolb’s (An extremely talented illustrator) social feed. I noticed he was a guest on a recent episode of the show. I listened to that episode and said to myself “Hey these guys are having a good time and promoting all the things I am very much interested in.” Since then I have listened to almost every episode, I even got to be a guest on one of those episodes (Mof1 Podcast Episode 77 – Canada’s Greatest Import). Then when Andrew Sale (One of the show’s hosts) approached me with the idea of doing a collaboration T-shirt for there trip out to Creative South I couldn’t help but say yes.

Master of One Podcast T-SHirt Collaboration Graphic

Hope you guys dig the design and if you are heading down to Georgia for Creative South, pick one up!

Kinda Funny speed drawing process.


As a person who works from home a few days a week I find myself in need of some sort of companion. Whether that companion comes in the form of a podcast, audiobook or youtube series. The addition of white noise or people talking in my ear as I work makes the days breeze by. This speed drawing video is me putting my spin on the Kinda Funny youtube series logo/typography.

Kinda Funny follows a group of friends who sit around a table talking about video game news, movies and other pop culture related events. It’s a great listen as you plow through a mountain of work while they go on rambling about the finer details of superhero lore. Feeling very much like you are just sitting around the table with them eavesdropping in on a group of your peers.

I hope you enjoy this installment of my speed drawing series.

5 Not So Creative Questions with Dave Atze

5 not so creative questions with dave atze

I found Dave randomly one day. He was known as the Australian stallion (self proclaimed), An instagram LEGEND!… His style cannot be ignored. Simple but playful and overlayed by such vibrant digital painting skills. I dare you NOT to fall in love with his characters.

Enjoy this edition of “5 not so creative questions” with Dave Atze. PS – All the “australian stallion” stuff is just a joke but completely true in my heart 😉 …

For those who don’t know you. Who the hell are you?

Hey I’m Dave, 30 year old Illustrator from South Australia. I love TMNT, Marvel, Transformers and eating Mexican food. I have been in the illustration industry for 5 years,and regularly attend comic cons (none international yet)

dave atze fairy land

What do you do? OR what are you working on?

I do children’s book Illustration, comics, character design, branding, tutorials, commissions and anything in between.

I am currently working on a children’s book with writer Matt Nicholls, Some Character profiles for the Australian comic book series XCT- xtreme champion tournament and some Illustrations for magazines and publications.

On the personal front, this year I hope to release an artbook and an original comic.

dave atze dragonball

What’s a tip you’d give to people? Something you’ve picked up along the way.

Continue to learn, new styles, new techniques, new media. watch tutorials of your fave artists and draw every day. These few things will help you in the right direction.

dave atze bunny

What are you into. Or something that recently inspired you? (Doesn’t have to be illustration or design related

Having a desk job during the week means you stack on the weight 🙂 So I have been getting into out door activities lately. I go for a daily walk with my wife and our dog, Then I run 5kms on Saturday mornings.

Things that inspire me are cartoons, comics and other artists (amateur and pro) Instagram is such an amazing place to meet and interact with other artists, I highly recommend it for inspiration!

dave atze illustration storm trooper

If you could mash-up any two pop culture properties. What might they be? (And why)

I freakin love doing Mash-ups!! One I havent done yet that Id love to see is Venom and Pikachu. I love the idea of something so cute and cuddly being able to rip your head off 🙂

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5 Not so Creative Questions with Designer and Illustrator Aaron Sechrist aka OKPants

5 not so Creative Questions with Aaron Sechrist AKA OKPANTS

For those who don’t know you. Who the hell are you?

My name is Aaron Sechrist. I run a graphic art studio under the moniker OkPants. I lift weights.

What are you working on?
I’m currently prepping to launch my first custom font for sale that I designed at – I’m very excited about it, it’s a different experience for me.

The week-to-week routine workload, if there is such a thing for me; consists of client commissions such as logos, apparel designs, packaging solutions and general miscellaneous branding needs that arise. I also sell my own designed wares under the banners of Made By Superior and OkPants. T-shirts, et cetera to express ideas I have that can’t find their way into client work. Also, you know; money.

Aaron Sechrist Ok Pants Patton Oswalt Poster

What’s a tip you’d give to people? Something you’ve picked up along the way.

Come at the universe around you and inside of you with curiosity, not fear. Also don’t be a crybaby. That’s how shit gets special.

What are you into. Or something that recently inspired you? (Doesn’t have to be illustration or design related)

I try to mine a lot of inspiration from anything and everything I come across but I would say stand-up comedy is my muse. I work with a lot of comedians and find their paths and attitudes generally align with how I navigate my way through my business. Successful comedians, some that I’m lucky enough to be friends with are the most intensely self-sufficient, relentless, DIY-to-the-core artists there are.

Aaron Sechrist OKPants Wyatt Cenac Poster

What show would you bring back from your childhood?

Ren & Stimpy. I feel like that show could have gone on for decades like South Park & Simpsons. It was the weirdest show ever. Either that or Liquid Television.

If you want to learn more about Aaron Sechrist and is amaze balls illustration styles check him out all over the web:

@okpants on instagram, twitter, periscope, snapchat and dribbble. Main portfolio at Thanks for giving it a look.

If you enjoy these posts, check out the 5 Not so Creative Questions for Creatives directory.